Choosing a Secure Password

Good advice on an increasingly important topic: Choosing a Secure Password.

A fascinating article about the art of pickpocketing

You’ll want to button that inside jacket pocket before reading this. Actually, check the contents of the pocket first! The Spectacular Thefts of Apollo Robbins, Pickpocket : The New Yorker.

Citrix Systems » Most Americans Confused By Cloud Computing According to National Survey

Most Americans Confused By Cloud Computing According to National Survey. What they think about cloud computing is pretty hilarious. And a little scary.

Security sometimes equals less than the sum of its parts

You may have heard something about a hacker breaking into an iCloud account and erasing data with nothing more than a billing address and the last four digits of a …

Adieu, Minitel

Minitel, precursor to the WWW by 10+ years, is going dark after a 30 year run, on Saturday 30 June 2012. Adieux chaleureux, Minitel.

Find out if your email accout has been compromised on PwnedList

PwnedList provides a free service to check your email addresses against their database of (currently) over 12M pwned credentials. You can also subscribe to get notification if any of up …

Happy birthday, MIME! (it’s 20 years old as of March 11)

Nobody quite notices MIME anymore, but I remember when it was a really big deal to be able to send email attachments in a standardized way. A bit of history …

Choosing a good antivirus scanner for your Android device

Pick a GOOD antivirus for your Android device. In a recent test of 41 virus scanners, AV-TEST found that close to 2/3 of them were not reliable. Details: AV-TEST – …

Information Security Technologies and Market Mind Map

An interesting crowd-sourced mindmap on Information Security Technologies.

An Overview of Cryptography

A handy reference: An Overview of Cryptography.