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Geoworks Bindery

Source; Geoworks press release

Geoworks Bindery is an electronic book authoring system. E-books are page-based, hyperlinked documents combining text and graphics. Bindery runs on a PC and includes the Bindery editor (very similar to GeoWrite), GeoDraw, samples, clip art, help files, and the freely distributable Geoworks Book Reader.


Geoworks Book Reader

Geoworks Book Reader views documents created with Geoworks Bindery. The Book Reader provides the navigation, search, and printing features necessary to use an electronic book. Book Reader works with any GEOS-based device, so that electronic books can be created for Zoomers, the Sharp PT-9000 tablet, and future GEOS-based devices.

Book Reader is freely distributable and is available for download in the Geoworks Files section of the Software Library in the Geoworks Support Center on America Online.


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